Monday, February 6, 2012

Latest update

Got the results of my ct scan this morning...Dr said things look good, the rumors look smaller, so we are happy! The dr is switching my one chemo medicine because I am having hearing loss because of the cisplatin. I can't get chemo today but I will come back to the cancer center on Wednesday to start the new cycle. My nurse said that the worst side effect of this drug will be that I will be cold sensitive, that if I breathe in cold air my throat will feel tight like it is closing up and my fingers and toes may feel numb and pins and needles if I touch something cold. The good news is that I shouldn't have to come to the hospital for hydration everyday. Let's just pray that this drug works as good as the other one! I will also have to get shots for 5 days after the treatment. The pharmacy is checking with our insurance to see if they will cover it for me to do it at home so we don't have to drive to the hospital. I would have Dave give them to me, he is just a little too excited about that! Will update again soon!

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